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This heater uses vaporization method (the oil is dripped into a pan).   The Eliminator 120 is 120,000 BTUs.  We have sold many of these heaters over the years with excellent results.  It's a solid, simple unit that puts out HEAT.
  Regular price: $2350, compare- you won't find a better price or more personalized service anywhere. 


  Call or email us for information, pricing, brochures....

Occasionally we get a used heater in on trade which we refurbish, warranty and resell. 
Call us for more information and availability. 


We are your parts source for Eliminator 120, and we are the ONLY source for original Kutrieb parts.   We stock parts for the entire Kutrieb line, including:

  • FAI 70
  • Super 90
  • HT87
  • CTB87
  • Advanced 250

We offer many accessories for your Kutrieb or Eliminator heater that simplify operation.
Ask about our float kit, pumps, belly band heaters, and more. 

Our Handi-Tank kit provides a convenient, clean, constant source of fuel for any waste oil heater.  It strains, stores and separates your oil, saving you time and money.

Handi-Tank Kit  $525.00, purchase with the Eliminator and save $65.00

Service is part of our name and that's no accident.  We work hard to provide you with the help you need.  Our loyal Kutrieb customers have been getting troubleshooting advice from us for over 25 years!  We know the questions to ask to get to the bottom of any problem and GET IT FIXED!  Our overhead is low so we can keep our prices reasonable.  We offer owner's manuals, parts catalogs, wiring schematics, price lists, and a friendly voice at the other end to take your order.  We test and repair circuit boards and pumps. 

Call or click us today.  We're here to help keep you WARM!

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